11 // Mohsen Loghmani

Volunteer Job Co-Crafting: Co-Creating a Customised Work Plan for Volunteer Engagement within Community Sports Clubs

Griffith University

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Mohsen Loghmani is a Work Design Consultant, Sports Management Researcher, and Educator. His work draws on top-down and bottom-up job design practices to increase the productivity of volunteers and professionals who work at various levels (i.e., community-based level to high-performance level). Mohsen graduated from the University of Guilan, Iran with a master’s degree in Sport Management and joined the Department of Sport Management at Shafagh Institute of Higher Education in 2014 as an “Instructor”. He taught Sports Management and Development related subject areas such as organizational theory, human resources management, organizational behaviour in sports, research methods in sports management, and seminars on undergraduate and postgraduate degree pathways. In July 2019, Mohsen moved to Griffith University as a “Visiting Scholar”. After two years, in July 2021, he became a “Research Assistant” and “Sessional Tutor” at Griffith. At the same time, he started in the PhD program in Sport Management there. As his most important academic achievement, Mohsen, alongside Associate Professor Popi Sotiriadou and Dr Jason Doyle, was awarded the 2023 SMAANZ Industry Engagement Grant to undertake research around volunteering in community sports clubs.

Outside of academia, Mohsen has worked in the sports industry within sports organizations and events. He was Head of the Sport and Recreational Department at Shafagh Institute of Higher Education, Iran between 2015 and 2019 and organized several coaching and refereeing courses and sports events for students. He was also appointed as “Voluntary Football Clubs Development Consultant” by Football Mazandaran, Babolsar, IRAN in November 2021. He is currently providing some advice to the president and executive board in terms of how to establish voluntary football clubs across suburbs in Babolsar County. On the other hand, Mohsen started his refereeing career in 2005 in Iran, and he became a Football Australia Referee in July 2019. He won the Referee Of The Year Award in 2021 from Football Gold Coast, Australia.

By the time we sat down to record this episode, Mohsen and I had enjoyed a number of conversations (in the absence of microphones) that always seemed to veer into the philosophical. We indulge in that tendency a bit here, as well, in pondering the future of our shared field of sport management, though the questions we try to answer have implications for researchers in all fields.

This episode of The Knowledge Mill was recorded on December 1, 2023 on the campus of the University of Canberra during the 29th Annual SMAANZ Conference.

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Joachim, G. (Host). (2024, June 14). Mohsen Loghmani // Volunteer Job Co-Crafting: Co-Creating a Customised Work Plan for Volunteer Engagement within Community Sports Clubs (No. 11) [Audio podcast episode]. In The Knowledge Mill. http://www.theknowledgemill.com/episode11/

Show Notes

Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ)

2023 SMAANZ Industry Engagement Grant Announcement

Griffith University

Associate Professor Popi Sotiriadou

Dr Jason Doyle

Dr Sarah Wymer

Professor Alison Doherty

Professor David Shilbury

Professor Tracy Taylor

Associate Professor Catherine Ordway

Professor Graham Cuskelly

Dan Ferguson

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Action Research

Australian Sports Commission (d.b.a. AusSport)

Australian Sports Commission: Volunteering

Academy of Management Journal

Professor Daniel Funk

“Spreading Research Uncomfortably Slow: Insight for Emerging Sport Management Scholars” (Funk, 2019)

Dr Lewis Whales

2024 Centre for Transformative Work Design Conference

North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)

Journal of Sport Management (JSM)

Give and Take by Adam Grant

AFL Auskick

Australian Open

Brisbane International


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