9 // Olivia Bramley

Environmental Sustainability in Sport Organisations: Exploring the Tide of Action

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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Olivia Bramley is a PhD Student at RMIT University and a member of the Sport Innovation Research Group, specializing in the area of Sport Ecology. Prior to undertaking her PhD, Olivia completed a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science with honours at Nottingham Trent University in the UK.

Olivia’s PhD studies explore the role of sport organisations to operate within the planetary boundaries, and to respond to climate change. Specifically, she aims to bring together and engage all stakeholders in sport to develop regenerative sport that is harmonious with the natural environment. Olivia’s current research interests centre around research that enhances the positives of sport. She has been involved with multiple research projects as a research assistant across a range of topics including sport performance, mental health in sport, and sport for development.

Outside of her academic career, Olivia is a full-time professional footballer, playing in the WSL2 Women’s Championship in England. Her signing with Durham FC occurred after we spoke, and so it’s fun to hear her discuss her hopes for her football career in this episode. Owing to her dual career, Olivia describes herself as being somewhere between surviving and thriving. Her journey is a unique one, but she notes that she is a true believer in creating your own path and owning all that goes with it.

This episode of The Knowledge Mill was recorded on November 29th, 2023 on the campus of the University of Canberra during the 29th Annual SMAANZ Conference.

Show Notes

Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ)

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Nottingham Trent University

Sir David Attenborough

Associate Professor Brian McCullough

“The Green Waves of Environmental Sustainability in Sport”

Professor Emma Sherry

Professor Tracy Taylor

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Melbourne & Olympic Parks

Australian Football League (AFL)

Cricket Australia

‘Climate Positive’ 2032 Brisbane Games

Critical Theory

The Doughnut Economic Model

Kate Raworth

Regen Melbourne

Dr Kasey Symons

Linden Moore

Olivia’s LinkedIn post about sharing insights

Dr Sarah Wymer

Greta Thunberg

Dame Jane Goodall

North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)

European Association for Sport Management (EASM)

“Star teenage British athlete won’t fly to Australia over climate concerns”


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